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Let’ talk wedding fever

    Let' talk wedding fever

    Pre-Marriage Preparation – A Necessity or A Luxury?

    Location: Lagos

    Tola and Peju came into marriage with two different backgrounds and teachings about marriage. Peju grew up in a family where women simply yielded to the men whenever there was a difference of opinion. Seeing the impact this way of doing things had on her mum and aunties, she resolved that in her own marriage she wouldn’t allow her husband to “oppress” her. According to her, marriage wasn’t a do or die affair. For Tola, her husband grew up in a family where marriages were kept intact even if the husband wife were unhappy. It was a taboo to even consider separation. But the men in his family dominated their women. The women in his family did what their husbands told them to do. They’ve now been married for five years. Their two “backgrounds” are clashing and there’s fire on the mountain. They love each other and want a happy marriage, but things aren’t working out.

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