What are people saying about
RFMA coaching?

My spouse and I are now in the early stages of drawing up a family constitution. Now, there is less tension, better appreciation for our individual differences and deeper understanding of the role and impact of individual backgrounds on my wife and I. I would strongly recommend RFMA to every couple. Anyone who is married or planning to get married soon needs a coaching program that would help open their ‘eyes’ to the impact of individual background and experiences on their partner.
Since I started working with Modupe at RFMA, it’s been a 180- turn for me in my relationship. Modupe walked with me and showed me diverse ways to go about conflict resolution in order for my husband and I to actively listen to each other. I’ve learnt and practiced it and the results are amazing. We’ve grown in selfless love and service, and conflict has become an opportunity to grow in closeness and greater understanding.
Teacher, Baker.

What are people saying about our events?

I never saw my moving from single to married as something I had to intentionally work towards. I was leaving everything to chance and GOD. Attending your seminar forced me to go back to my drawing board and pushed me to do the needful. The best thing I got from your seminar was the Right fit singles GAME PLAN! It set me on course.Thank you!
Dammie A.
At RFMA’s seminar for Singles, I found out that we can only get clarity and purpose, when we become intentional about our lives and not just leaving it to happenstance or luck.The best thing about working with with Modupe at the seminar was the depth of wisdom on the subject matter of Marriage. and the manner in which she used real life and personal experiences to drive home the point. It was so amazing!
Victor O.