Right Fit Exploratory Session

coach and client exploratory session

In committed relationships, there comes a time when you want to talk with someone who can offer an unbiased perspective. Above all, someone who also confidentiality and impartiality. Are you and your partner in a situation requiring unbiased perspectives and counsel?

This 60-minute paid session is with our head marriage educator and coach with 33 years of personal & professional experience. Generally, this session includes an assessment to help you to identify what the issues are and explore possible action steps to resolve them.

What follows this consultation? 

There is no set answer to this question. With our help, impactful recommendations and results can surface in less than 3 sessions including the exploratory session. Depending on the scope of the information revealed over time, some couples might require longer consulting sessions.

How do I implement your recommendations?

In short, we offer additional sessions to work with you in the implementation of our recommendations. Sessions should continue as long as you are making progress and until the problems that brought you in are resolved to your satisfaction. It is always your decision to continue or discontinue sessions.


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