Modupe’s Story

A lot of friends and clients sometimes call me Mummy Mo.

Mo is short for Modupe and is Yoruba name from South West Nigeria.

Over 30 years ago, I married a fantastic Ibo man from South East Nigeria. In my younger years, I studied Chemical Engineering and graduated with first class honors. But at that point, I didn’t quite know my way around in the world of work. After I married the man of my dreams, I told him, “Our marriage will last forever, I will be happy in it and my happiness will not depend on you.” I made my career decisions by trial and error, working in Facilities Management and also attempted Accounting certification. After much trial and error, I decided none of them were for me.

My love for books led me to start a specialty retail bookstore which I enjoyed managing for thirteen years in Enugu while living in Lagos. I’m sure you are wondering, ‘How did she do that?’ I still ask myself that question too…. While my career went on in a turpsy turvy way, one part of my life went in the direction that I intended for it to go. I read books on Christian living, business development & personal development as well as marriage. My motivation was to figure out what was required to help me achieve a happy, healthy and live long marriage. Knowing I didn’t want to be a statistic, I read about why and how marriages crash.  I became a student of marriage and became more deliberate in my relationship with my husband.

I was constantly seeking solutions to whatever situation arose between my husband and I. I had just one criterion for choosing whatever ideas I took from the books I read – Did it equip and empower me to take action that will improve our relationship? So one small intentional step after another, my marriage became more healthy, robust and successful. It has been over thirty years now and we are still together. Did we have low points along the way? Yes, we did. Every time we had a crisis on hand, I went to the bookstore and looked for a book that talked about what I thought was happening. I read whatever book I found quickly with a view to understanding what was happening between my husband and I. I got ideas about how to respond to and handle each situation. I threw out what didn’t work and kept what worked.

I was amazed at how much there was to learn about getting married life right. No one had told me any of the stuff I was discovering. The books I read showed me that crises were a normal part of living together for couples who came from different backgrounds and even those with similar backgrounds. In most cases, the crises themselves are not the problem, the way we respond to them determines whether our relationship becomes stronger or weakens.

How did I make the transition from one woman who was intent on making her marriage work well and being happy in it to  Mummy Mo who works with others to get their marital relationship right? Reading for decades and seeking wisdom from other relationship experts helped me accumulate the desired wisdom I sought which I eventually started sharing with friends and family who had marital problems. Several couples have come back to thank me for the ideas and suggestions I shared with them saying, ” Your ideas worked!” They frequently referred their friends to me and I realized the information I had gathered over the years was no longer enough. I knew it was time I got formally trained to helping people with their marriages. Now I speak to you not just from wisdom gathered over 30 years of marriage but also knowledge from the best in the industry.



Let me help you build a marriage that you truly love. A marriage that is one of a kind, unique and brilliantly tailored to you and your spouse – a Right Fit Marriage.

Whether you’re just starting or looking to make a big change in your marriage, we’re here to help you define clearly where you’re heading, work with you to build a template that brings you and your partner into alignment so that together you accomplish your shared goals.