Marriage Assessment & Consultation

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Are you at a crossroad in your marriage?  

The Right Fit Marriage Assessment & Consultation is just what you need. Frequently, communication, money, sex, infidelity, religious affiliation,  cultural differences, and challenging in-laws threaten the stability of marriages. What you and your spouse identify as your problem areas may only be a small part of what is actually going on.  Or maybe neither one of you know what is wrong and you are looking for help and guidance. Our marriage educator and coach will investigate the origins of the issues you’re grappling with.


This service is two-fold:

  1. First, you will take a Family Systems Engineering Assessment of your marriage and receive a Marriage Assessment Report. This report will show you:
    • The current state of your marriage;
    • The areas that you are currently doing well in;
    • The areas that need attention and recommendations on what to do about them.
  2. Afterward, you will have a following 60-minute consultation with a seasoned Family Life Practitioner who will review the Report with you and give you recommendations on your next steps.


What follows this consultation? How do I implement your recommendations?

There is no set answer to this question. Some consultations lead to a few follow-up sessions. Occasionally, others require more than 3 sessions to see significant results. We offer additional sessions to work with you in the implementation of our recommendations.  We recommend that sessions continue as they progress until the problems that brought you in are resolved to your satisfaction. Ultimately, it is always your explicit decision to continue or discontinue sessions.


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