TRFMA Speaker Series

TRFMA Speaker Series is a monthly event held our Facebook page every last Friday of the month from 8pm to 9.30pm (GMT).
Each speaker aims to widen the understanding and perspectives of TRFMA members on different aspects of relationships and marriage by sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise on select topics like finance, communication, sex, parenting in marriage .

This is a catalog of the topics treated so far  at TRFMA Speaker Series.
September 2016 –

Topic: Family Purpose – Discovery and Fulfillment – The Nwobis Experience

Guests: Theophilus Chinedu and Dinma Nwobi


October 2016 –

Topic: The Secret to Happiness in Your Relationship (even if you haven’t started it)

Guest: Dr. Ayomide Adebayo


November 2016 –

Topic: Transition from Single to Married – A Man’s Perspective.

Guest: Olufukeji Ejimi Adegbeye

January 2017 –

Topic: Honey, Where is the Money?

Guest: Tosin Praise-Fowowe

February 2017 –

Topic: When Is Divorce The Only Option?

Guest: Aronke Vigo Omame

March 2017 –

Topic: When The Totally Unexpected Happens In Marriage

Guest: Irene Olumese

April 2017 –

Topic: In Law Relationships, A Parent’s Perspective

Guest: Yinka Ogunde

May 2017 (Anniversary Edition) –

Topic: Friendship in Marriage

Guests: Ubong King and Unyime-Ivy King

May 2017 –

Topic: Demystifying Sex – What Do You Need To Know?

Guest: Olawunmi Esan


June 2017 –

Topic: I Am Married, Why Do I Still Act Single?

Guest: Anedge Ekiotenne

July 2017 –

Topic: Partnering With Your Spouse

Guest: Arihilam Francis

August 2017 –

Topic: Keeping Romance in Your Marriage

Guest: Pastor Tunde Sesan

September 2017 –

Topic: Leadership in Marriage

Guest: Mute Efe

October 2017 –

Topic: Modern Marriage and Traditional Values: Are They Incompatible?

Guest: Ifenna Nnamezie

November 2017 –

Topic: Pre-Marriage Preparation – Does It Work?

Guests: Samuel and Laide Ugbechie

January 2018 –

Topic: Marriage Vows AndThe Things That Ruin Them

Guest: Dontrell Gilmore

February 2018 –

Topic: How Do We Build Trust In Marriage?

Guests: Sola and Chris Chukwunyere




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