I enjoy spending time with couples of all ages! I love opportunities that allow me to work with organizations & brands who are committed to promoting healthy relationships & marriage. If you think your brand or organization will be a good fit for my voice and audience, my team will love to hear your collaboration pitch.

Here are a few examples of collaborations I have done in the past:


First of all, allow me to be a part of your education or empowerment event. As a workshop speaker, panelist and coach,  I travel to share my passion across Nigeria. I hope to speak with my international community soon!

At Surulere Baptist Church Couples Fellowship event

With participants of TRFMA Seminar for Singles

Sharing at the International Relationship Conference, Lagos



Another thing I love to do is push my thoughts off the ground. Let’s start conversations that burst myths, restore relationship squabbles, and heal distressed families. I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts with me and let’s spark conversations and explore both popular & unpopular opinions on your radio/ TV/ web show.

Live with The Voice of Women radio station, 91.7FM