Decision-Making Intensive Session

decision & strengthening session

Are you in a decision-making process that may affect the dynamics of your relationship and your relationship status?

Do you have sleepless nights, turning and tossing as you weigh your options about questions like 

‘Should I marry this person?’

‘Is this relationship worth staying in? Should I walk away?’

‘Should I resign from my job or remain a career professional?’

‘Can my family handle two homes?’


Our Decision Making Intensive Session is a great space to unpack all the various thoughts, feelings and concerns about this big decision you need to make. We offer a three-fold group of sessions:

  1. A 60-minute session to introduce to you an 8-step Decision Making Template walk you through how to use it to make your decision.
  2. You use the template to work through your thoughts and make your decision
  3. A second 60-minute session (not later than two weeks after the first one) to review what you have done and answer any questions that you have.


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