We can all agree that marriage is an institution right?

But how many of us go into it fully prepared?

We plan and prepare for the wedding event, where we spend millions and then forget to prepare for the marriage which is for a lifetime.

Can you see why there is an increased rate of divorce, especially in these times?



12 weeks Group coaching Online program & Get yourself Ready For Marriage

"My marriage will not fail"

Is a good prayer point...

But what backing do you have?

Prayer without knowlege and preparation will lead to frustration and produce no results.

Don't want to regret your decision of getting married at any time?

Then this program is for you.

Have a dream of having an exciting marriageA together forever fantasy?

Then this program is for you.

Marital Bliss Is possible.


Hi, I'm Mrs. Modupe Ehirim.

I am a Marriage Educator, Marriage Coach, Marriage instructor and family life practitioner who has been in an inter-ethnic marriage for more than 37years.

I have both the professional and experiential competency to guide you towards building the kind of marriage you desire.

The question therefore is not if you have access to one of the continent’s finest minds, but if you are willing to invest in the future you’ve always dreamed of.

What The Program Entails?

Over a 12-week period, you’ll be with men and women like you in a close-knit and safe community

Overall, attending our Get Yourself Ready For Marriage 12-Week Group Coaching Online Program is a valuable investment in your personal growth and future happiness.

Many people agree that prevention is better than cure,


Only a few are intentional when it comes to acquiring the tools and skills necessary to enjoy their marriages and significant relationships


Our Pre-Marriage Preparation Program will:

  • Transform you into a person that the partner of your dreams will gladly say "Yes" to when you both start to think of marriage.
  • Equip you with the right tools set that will improve your current relationship knowledge and skills.
  • Highly reduce the anxieties and regrets that sometimes accompany making life-transforming decisions about relationships.
  • Help you to examine/re-examine your beliefs and perspectives on marriage and issues that are related to it.
  • Allow you to clearly define what your expectations of life and marriage are to position you for the journey ahead.
  • Help you to create a new personal culture that is both empowering and rewarding.
  • The structure of the program is flexible and recognises that you have a busy schedule.

Each week from weeks 3 to 10, you’ll participate in a 2-hour interactive Zoom session with Family Life professionals, and guests who have walked the path before you and other participants.

In weeks 11 and 12, you’ll have sessions to present your Action Plan and get feedback from the Program Lead and other participants.